About Warborn Media

Hey everyone! I’m Justin, a 17 year old from Whitby, and this is my blog, Warborn Media. I made this blog to help out local and upcoming bands by giving them different forms of promotion including interviews, reviews, and other promotion such as posting their new music videos, etc. I chose to do this because being in different bands over the years (current bassist of Death and the Ninth Day, ex-guitarist of Falling Forward, ex-bassist of The Blind Surgeons Operation, and ex-drummer of We Are Alaska), I know how difficult it can be to get any exposure that you can get, so I’m doing my best to contribute with this blog. Things you can expect in the near future include interviews with bands, reviews of EPs/albums and shows, new music and videos of upcoming bands, the upgrade to a full domain(warbornmedia.com), merch, and most likely shows booked by Warborn as well.
Our logo as seen at the top of the page was created by Jordan Salmon of Message Through Motion, and his graphic design company, JordanDesignsThings. If anyone needs any graphic design done, hit him up, he’s an awesome guy to work with!
Thanks for checking us out!
-Justin Frederick

Also, check my band out on Facebook!
Death and the Ninth Day

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