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Head Check – 2012 Demo

Head Check’s 2012 Demo album cover, available on their Bandcamp for free download!

Hello everyone! The first material that I’ll be doing a review of is Head Check’s newest demo. Head Check is a Hardcore/Youth Crew band from Whitby, Ontario. The band consists of Jacob Hellas(ex-Falling Forward) on vocals, Scott Downes on guitar, Brandon Oake on bass, and Derek Worden on drums. The new demo is 3 tracks and was recorded by Jeff Ostertag in Orillia.

The first track on the album is Intro/Live Free. This is, from my knowledge, the first time that Head Check has had any sort of intro. The intro is one riff played continuously which is in most cases a bad thing, but since the intro is on 43 seconds long, it works out just fine, and flows into the next song, Live Free. I was familiar with this song from seeing Head Check live the times that I have, as it’s a strong opener of theirs. The main riff in this song is probably the catchiest riff on the demo. One flaw that I found in this track is that it sounds like the instruments may have went slightly out of time with each other about half way through the song, but otherwise, I thought this was a strong choice to follow the intro.

The second track on the demo is Chill Out! I could feel a strong Ceremony influence in parts of the song(old Ceremony I mean), which makes sense because I know that they’re all big Ceremony fans. One flaw that I found in this song is that I found that the guitar tone. The tone was a lot better in the opener song than this one, although it was only noticable in some parts of the song. This song is also really short, so it took a few listens to be able to give as much of a review as I could for it, ahaha. The last thing I would like to point out in this song is the final line “We’re the Head Check crew, and we’re ballin’ all the time.” I had to listen to this line a few times to make sure I heard what I thought I heard, and even still, correct me if I got that line wrong. This line really took away a lot of seriousness while writing this review, which I guess isn’t necessarily a bad thing in all cases, but again, it makes the song not sound as serious as I know that some bands would like to sound.

The final track on their demo is a cover song of Underdog’s Say It To My Face. I listened to the original song while writing this review to compare, and I must say good job to Head Check, as I actually like their version a lot more than the original. The lyrics to this song actually fits well to the rest of the lyrics on the EP, so I think that this was a great choice to cover.

If you’re a fan of hardcore and youth crew, I’d highly suggest that you check out Head Check. I’ll have an interview with them up on the blog within the next few days, and it will most likely be up by the time that I make this blog public.

The demo is available for free download at their Bandcamp!